Want Your Perfume to Last? Follow These 7 Storage Tips

13 January 2023


High-quality perfumes usually come in attractive bottles that are as appealing as the fragrance within. After all, who among us have not displayed pretty bottles of perfume for purely decorative purposes?

While its decorative packaging may enhance the appearance of your vanity table, there are many reasons why perfumes come in the thick glass bottles. If not protected as such, your perfume’s longevity may be compromised by many external factors.

To keep your favorite perfume smelling the way it should be throughout the year, it is recommended that you follow these important tips below:

1. Always close after use

Perfume can rapidly oxidize exposed to air, thus altering its aroma. Whether an EDP or an EDT, make sure to quickly close the bottle or container tightly after every use. The less contact it makes with oxygen, the longer your perfume will last.

2. Store in a dry place

Humidity is the enemy of perfumes, so don’t keep it in high-humidity areas like bathrooms. The humidity will likely spoil the chemical composition of the perfume.

3. Keep it in a dark place

Glass perfume bottles may look beautiful and glossy when illuminated. But this doesn’t mean you should place the bottle   in a spot where it is exposed to harsh sunlight for a long period of time.

Just like oxygen, UV rays can react with perfume molecules and alter their aroma. To avoid damage, store the perfume in its packaging box and keep it in a closed drawer or cabinet.

4. Avoid high shelves

Some people store their perfumes on high shelves to keep them out of reach of children, but doing this may increase the risk of the bottle breaking if it falls. While enjoyable in small amounts, you don’t want the heady scent of your favorite perfume lingering in your room for days because of an accidental spill.

Even if your perfume bottle doesn’t break after falling, the shaking can damage the perfume molecules and alter its aroma. Make sure to store your favorite perfume in a place with the least risk of a fall.

5. Pay attention to room temperature

Your perfume may contain chemicals that are sensitive to temperature changes. If you store your bottle near a window, inside a car, or in a place where temperatures tend to rise, the top notes of the perfume can evaporate quickly and weaken the original scent.

What about cold temperatures? One commonly suggested method is to store perfumes in the refrigerator. However, not all perfumes are suited for storage in cold temperatures. And because refrigerators are opened and closed frequently, you’ll be exposing the perfume to more frequent temperature changes.

6. Use an airtight container

To prevent oxidation and maintain room temperature stability, use an airtight container to store your perfume collection in before placing it in a drawer or cabinet.

7. Use the original container

Have you ever poured perfume into a smaller bottle for traveling? If you want its scent to last, avoid transferring the perfume into another container that is not specifically designed for that scent because doing this may expose the perfume to air and light, causing damage and faster evaporation to its fragrance. You might as well purchase small-sized or travel-sized perfumes so that they are easier to pack.

In addition to complementing your personal style, perfumes are a great investment for improving your self-confidence. But because high-quality perfumes can be quite expensive, ensure optimal longevity of your favorite luxury perfume by following our tips above!

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