Unveil the Secrets to Long-lasting Fragrance

13 March 2023


Perfume is a cosmetic with strong and unique characteristics. By better understanding its properties, we can better express ourselves through scent and boost our confidence. There are tips and tricks to making your perfume last longer and get the most out of your favorite fragrance. Read on!

1. Apply perfume on pulse points

Pulse points are parts of the body where blood vessels are closest to the upper layer of skin. The layer of skin is also thinnest in these areas compared to other parts of the body, so when your body temperature rises, the fragrance applied onto these areas will disperse more easily.

Pulse points are located at the neck, chest, inner elbows, wrists, temples, and behind the ears.

2. Spritz perfume after showering

If you like taking warm baths or showers, don’t forget to apply perfume after you’re done. Open pores and warm, moist skin tend to absorb perfume more easily, making the fragrance last longer on your skin.

3. Avoid rubbing your wrists together

Many people practice the habit of rubbing their wrists together after spraying perfume. Do you do this too? It’s best to avoid it because rubbing the skin together will wash out the top notes of your perfume. After applying, simply let the perfume settle to make the scent last longer.

4. Use products like Vaseline on your pulse points

Why has Vaseline become a go-to product for wearing perfume? Vaseline is an occlusive balm that can  lock in moisture and the perfume to the skin. As a result, the scent of your perfume will stay on you longer!

5. Use products that match the scent of your perfume

Last but not least, you can try combining a perfume with a  body lotion of the same scent—some brands will sell this as a set—to achieve a longer-lasting fragrance experience.

Were any of these tips and tricks new to you? Try them out for yourself and walk out into the world a more confident person, with the scent of your favorite perfume emanating around you.

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