Here’s How to Carry Your Perfume on a Plane

19 April 2023


In the aviation industry, passenger safety always comes first. This is why there are various security regulations that we must comply with before departure, chief of these being making sure that our carry-on items meet airline requirements.

But what do the regulations say when it comes to perfume?

Liquids, aerosols, and gels are classified as restricted carry-on items . This rule was implemented to prevent potentially dangerous liquid chemicals, such as explosives, from being carried onboard.

However, you are still allowed to bring liquid, aerosol, and gel cosmetic products on a plane if they fulfill the regulations below:

  1. Liquid, aerosol, and gel products must be kept tightly in a container with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each.
  2. Containers with liquids, aerosols, or gels must be placed in a 1 liter-capacity sealable bag and kept tightly closed. 
  3. Each passenger can only bring 1 bag containing liquids, aerosols, and gels.
  4. If the amount of liquid, aerosol, and gel products exceeds the carry-on baggage allowance, airport security personnel will inform the passenger to transfer the products to checked baggage.
  5. In case of violations, security personnel may confiscate the items or impose sanctions according to the regulations.

By packing your cosmetic items accordingly, you won’t have to worry about leaving behind your favorite perfume when traveling.

Also, try the following tips to maximize your comfort when carrying perfume throughout the flight:

  • Bring travel-size perfume for safety and convenience. If you want to bring a full-sized perfume bottle, pack it safely in checked baggage.
  • Use perfume bottles with screw caps and avoid flip-tops prone to opening in mid-transport. This will prevent the liquid from leaking all over your bag.
  • Before boarding the plane, it is recommended that every passenger respect flight etiquette to avoid disturbing each other’s comfort. It is not advisable to wear strongly-scented perfumes while inside the cabin.

It’s always a good idea to keep the above safety guidelines in mind when packing your fragrances, and we hope this article can help to ease the burden of packing for your trip!

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