Got Sensitive Skin? Here’s How to Wear Perfume Safely

17 March 2023


One of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your confidence is by wearing perfume. But if you have sensitive skin, spraying perfume directly on your body may trigger allergic reactions such as rashes or itching.

So does that mean you should avoid using perfume altogether?

Fret not. You can still apply perfume on sensitive skin and enjoy the benefits that come with the fragrance, as long as you understand how to apply it safely.

Consider following these 5 tips to help reduce the risk of irritation and other issues from using perfume on sensitive skin:

1. Check the Product Registration

Pay close attention to the perfume you want to purchase. Has it met the safety and quality standards established by your government?

You can check for the registration number on the website of your government’s drug control authority, or simply buy from Parfumology because all authentic perfumes in our shop are officially registered with BPOM (the Indonesian Food & Drug Authority).

2. Do a Patch Test

When choosing a perfume, try spraying a little bit of product on your skin and wait a few hours to observe any reactions. Most liquid perfumes contain alcohol, which may potentially cause dryness and itching to sensitive skin. If irritation occurs, rinse the affected area with clean water and consult a dermatologist.

3. Buy a Travel-Sized Perfume

Once you’ve found your ideal scent, don’t buy the large bottle right away. Instead, opt for smaller or travel-size perfume so you can test it out under different environmental conditions while observing any reactions in your skin. 

4. Avoid Direct Contact with Skin

You don’t have to apply perfume on your skin to wear it. You can try another popular method of application by spraying perfume on clothes or accessories like ties or scarves. By doing so, you can still smell good while preventing the risk of skin irritation from direct contact with the perfume.

5. Use Body Lotion

Liquid perfumes use alcohol as a carrier to help combine the essential oils and evaporate their aroma. But if your skin can’t tolerate alcohol, you can apply unscented body lotion to form a protective layer on the surface of your skin before applying the perfume. Moisturized skin can also help make your fragrance last longer.

At Parfumology, we believe that perfume has the power to make you feel happy and confident. We hope that our tips above can help you and your loved ones with sensitive skin to safely use perfume. Let us know if any of these tips are helpful to you!

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