Getting to Know Top, Middle, and Base Notes

13 March 2023


Like a symphony, a perfume consists of various notes or levels of aroma that are interconnected to create a captivating scent. Every perfume note is crafted with a specific reason and purpose, with the ultimate goal of representing the personality of the person wearing it.

There are three categories of notes for perfumes: top, middle, and base notes.

Now let’s learn about these three categories to better understand how perfumes produce their distinct symphony of fragrances!

  • Top Notes

Top notes are the notes that can be detected from the very first spray, but they will only last for 5-10 minutes. These are the initial set of aromas we experience from a perfume before they fade away.

Fresh scents like citrus oils are the most commonly-used for top notes. The selection of top notes is important because this is often what influences people’s decision to purchase a perfume.

  • Middle Notes

Generally, middle notes are the scents that emerge after the top notes disappear and usually last for around 20-60 minutes. Perfume enthusiasts sometimes also call them heart notes. In terms of aroma, middle notes are usually more intense and full-bodied. The most frequently used ingredients are herbal or floral oils.

  • Base Notes

Finally, base notes are the underlying or fundamental aroma of your perfume. Base notes can last up to 6 hours and linger even after the top and middle notes have faded away.

Base notes tend to be deep and woody. This is because the oils for base notes have a certain molecular structure that allows the scent to last longer compared to top and middle notes.

Do you have a better understanding of the art of scent notes on perfumery? By knowing the differences between top, middle, and base notes, you will be able to “read” and evaluate the characteristics of your favorite perfume. You will also find it easier to discover perfume scents that suit your preferences. But when shopping for perfumes online, make sure to shop from authorized sellers that provide complete product descriptions.

At Parfumology, you will always find clearly-written information regarding a perfume’s  top, middle, and base notes in each product description. Explore our collection now, or choose your favorite perfume from the “Shop by Category” menu. We offer a 100% original product guarantee!

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