Exude Old Money Elegance With These 5 Women’s Fragrances

20 September 2023


Why is the “old money” aesthetic making a comeback in fashion? 

It encapsulates what most people strive to be in our rapidly changing world: sophisticated, elegant, and, most importantly, timeless.

But, there’s no need to book an expensive cruise down the French Riviera or wear expensive cashmere sweaters to look and feel “old money”. You can effortlessly embody the style by pairing your outfit with the right fragrance!

Smell your best with these five “Old Money” perfumes for you to feel elegant and luxurious:

1. Versace Dylan Purple Pour Femme 100ml EDP

Spending your weekend with a game of tennis or lounging by the pool? Brighten up your look with a spritz of Versace Dylan Purple. Experience the opulent allure of the fragrance: a whimsical combination of the citrusy tones of orange and bergamot with the delicate scents of freesia. The perfume’s vibrant purple exterior with delicate gold embellishment exudes both elegance and brightness, opening up a world of luxury and sensual sophistication.

2. Chloé for Women 75ml EDP

Whether you are channeling effortless chic or a classic look, elevate your outfit with Chloé perfume — a feminine fragrance that radiates an aura of sophistication. Just like a peony’s lush petals, it embodies a layered scent of floral and woody notes that unfurls a soft and powdery aroma. The perfume’s timeless glass bottle, adorned with its signature textured bow, will set your heart aflutter.

3. Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif Edition Royale For Women 75ml

Add a luxurious and classy touch to your everyday look with the Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif Edition Royale. This exquisite fragrance opens up your senses to a floral symphony, blending notes of Turkish rose, lily of the valley, and peony with a touch of oud. Indulge in the grandeur of the 18th-century French court aesthetic with its rococo-style motif and a jewel-studded top, complete with a pink tassel!

4. Guerlain Samsara For Women 100ml EDP

Unleash your inner femme fatale with this fragrance that adds the cherry on top of your stunning outfit! Famous for its timeless and dominating powdery musk notes, the Guerlain Samsara is crafted for women in pursuit of boldness and elegance. Its enchanting scent of ylang-ylang, bergamot, and rose exudes depth and opulence, all in a cherry-red bottle that complements its bold allure.

5. My Burberry Black For Women 90ml Parfum

Channel the mystery and sensuality of old Hollywood noir film stars with My Burberry Black! The fragrance is a rich blend of floral and oriental notes that creates an alluring scent. The sweet, sensual blend of jasmine and rose envelops you in a lavish aura, while the timeless warmth of amber and patchouli exudes an old-world charm — you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

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