Exploring the Science Behind Your Perfume’s Changing Scent

26 April 2024


Ever noticed how your favorite perfume can smell different from morning to night? 

It’s not just your imagination — there’s actually some science behind it! 

Many factors, including your body chemistry and the environment, can affect how a perfume smells from day to night.

Let’s explore the factors affecting the scent of your favorite perfumes:

1. Body chemistry

Many people do not know that the same scent can have a different olfactory payoff from person to person.

Why would the same fragrance smell different on different people? This is because our skin has unique pH levels and natural oils. When your skin comes into contact with the perfume’s fragrance molecules, it gives off a slightly different scent than its original. No, you won’t smell off-putting; rather, it works its magic to evolve into a scent that is uniquely you!

Have fun with it — consider layering different fragrances or blending your favorites together for a unique scent. You can also try applying perfume to pulse points like your wrists, neck, and behind your ears, where body heat helps to enhance and diffuse the fragrance. 

If you’re looking for a fragrance to make a statement, look no further than the BVLGARI Man Wood Essence. It is a captivating fragrance composed of Italian citrus accords and woody resins of Cypress that symbolize life and nature.

2. Environment

The sun, air, and temperature also affect how strongly our perfume smells.

On a hot and humid day, the scent of your perfume may seem more robust and intense. The warmth and moisture in the air causes perfume molecules to spread out more, making the scent stronger. On the other hand, your perfume might be more subdued on a cold and dry day because the molecules evaporate slower, resulting in a more subtle scent than usual.

So what fragrances are suitable for people living in a tropical climate? 

Opt for a light and elegant scent that does not overpower the senses! The Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste for Women 65ml EDT is a floral and woody fragrance for women. It is light and elegant, perfect for spring and summer wear.

3. Fragrance volatilities

Each fragrance note in your perfume has its own personality! 

They have different volatilities, which means these notes evaporate at different rates. Throughout the day, you may notice certain notes in your perfume become more prominent while others fade into the background.

When you first apply them, zesty citrus notes steal the spotlight with their refreshing presence. As time passes, deeper woody or floral base notes linger longer, creating a shifting fragrance experience throughout the day. If you want your scent to last longer, here’s a tip: moisturize your skin before applying perfume for it to develop evenly!

Looking for a fragrance that takes you from morning to night? The Mercedes Benz Sign Pour Homme 100ml EDP is the ideal choice — it embodies fragrance notes that complement each other to create a perfect balance of freshness and sensual warmth!


Finding the right perfume for you is a thrilling adventure filled with trials and discoveries. 

After choosing the perfect perfume, don’t forget to wear your confidence and charm—they’re the best accessories to complement your fragrance!

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