5 Tips on Making Your Own Unique Scent with Perfume Layering

23 December 2022


Just like making a refreshing cocktail, there are countless aromatic possibilities that can come from combining your favorite perfumes.  If you’re a perfume enthusiast who enjoys experimenting, let’s explore perfume layering, a technique you should try out the next time you apply a fragrance.

Perfume layering, also known as scent mixing or fragrance layering, is the art of combining different perfumes to create a distinctive and personal scent for the wearer.

Although this method has been around for hundreds of years, there are no specific rules when it comes to actual application. You are free to experiment as much as you like until you find the goldilocks blend that suits your preference; but if you follow our tips below, you’ll save on time, money, and effort when layering to find your bespoke fragrance.

1. Get in Touch with Yourself

Aromas have the power to influence a person’s emotions, so you can start by selecting perfume scents that mirror your feelings, or create a scent that evokes a feeling that you want to manifest.

2. Determine the Intensity

One way to differentiate between perfumes is to look at their concentration levels. To create a harmonious and delicate blend of fragrances, start strong with an Eau de Parfum, and then add on lighter fragrances from a Cologne or an Eau de Toilette. 

3. Apply to the Right Areas

Simply spray or dab your chosen scents on pulse points and warm areas of the body, such as on the wrists, inner elbows, navel, chest, and neck. Applying on these points will allow the aroma to disperse more effectively.

4. Try Single-note Perfumes

Single-note perfumes are different from traditional perfumes: while complex perfumes typically consist of top, middle, and base notes, single-note perfumes are simpler as they only consist of one aroma. According to Pia Long, a perfumer from Olfiction Limited UK, perfume layering that combines two single-note perfumes can give you a scent that is comfortable and not overpowering.

5. Layer in Separate Areas

Lastly, perfume layering is a flexible method, so you don’t always have to mix all of your perfumes together in the same pulse point. Unique aroma combinations can also occur when you spray perfumes on different parts of your body. Try spritzing one type of scent on your neck, and then a completely different scent on your wrist for a bouquet that is unique to you.

When you’re ready to explore perfume layering, make sure to apply only high-quality perfumes with well-defined compositions to bring out the most of your creativity. At Parfumology, discover hundreds of authentic men’s and women’s  perfumes for countless hours of experiences and experiments. Have fun!

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