5 Creative Ways of Reusing Unwanted Perfumes

29 May 2023


Perfumes are a necessity for moments when you want to complement your look and elevate your personal charm. But more than just just a scent, perfumes are captivating on their own. With countless varieties of fragrances available on the market, the world of perfumes is essentially an endless journey of exploration.With so much exploring to do, we can often find it tempting to add a new scent to an already-burgeoning collection.

Do you have any old perfumes in your collection that are collecting dust? Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with it, or maybe you just never had the chance to use it.

Whatever the reason, don’t pour your unused perfumes down the drain. You may no longer fancy them, but your leftover perfumes shouldn’t go to waste. Consider repurposing your old perfumes for other uses with a few ideas here to get you started:

1. Spray on stationery

Wearing perfume is not the only way to make a good impression on important occasions. Try adding a lovely scent to business cards, envelopes, or any other paperwork that you send out. This will show your uniqueness and help the recipient remember you. Never spray perfume directly onto paper products; spray it into the air instead and run the paper through the mist.

 2. Use as an air freshener

If you feel the need to get rid of stale or bad odors from your car or living spaces, then your unused perfumes can come in handy here. Make a DIY deodorizer like potpourri by spraying perfume onto unscented dried flowers. You can also make your own aromatherapy mixture by combining a few drops of the perfume with a carrier oil of your choice, and then disperse it into the air with a diffuser.

3. Make your own scented lotion

Amp up your unscented lotion with a few drops of perfume and voila! You’ll have your own homemade perfumed lotion customized to your preferences. Not only will the lotion help the perfume stick to your skin, but it will also make it last longer.

4. Spritz on fashion accessories

If you happen to have sensitive skin or just prefer not to apply perfume directly onto skin, you can still enjoy the scent by wearing perfumed accessories. Spray a little bit of your perfume onto items like bandanas, scarves, folding fans, or any fabric accessories of your choosing. With this hack, you’ll be able to spread familiar scents in the air and even experiment with perfume layering.

5. Give them away

If your perfumes are in good condition but  no longer serve your olfactory preferences, consider giving them away to someone who might appreciate them. This would be a thoughtful gesture for a friend or family member who enjoys trying out new scents.

Perfume enthusiasts tend to have a collection of scents in their personal stash. Because of this, it’s easy for some of those perfumes to go unused or just simply be forgotten about, eventually turning rancid. We hope our tips for repurposing old perfumes can help you  avoid letting any of them go to waste. 

However, if you are currently on a mission to seek out new perfumes to replace your now-empty bottles, visit the Parfumology product catalog to continue on your journey of olfactory exploration!

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