4 Types of Perfume Based on Differences in Concentration

23 November 2022


What do you usually do before buying perfume?

Chief among the choices we make when choosing a perfume is to identify the type of perfume based on its concentration.

Without proper understanding of perfume concentrations, you might end up buying a product with a price and quality that won’t meet your expectations. 

Always check a perfume’s concentration to make sure that it has the intensity you’re looking for. The concentration in a perfume is defined as the percentage of natural and synthetic ingredients: the higher the concentration, the stronger the aroma and the longer it will last.

In general, all perfumes are divided into four types based on their concentration: Eau de Cologne (Cologne), Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Extrait de Parfum (Perfume). Let’s delve deeper to learn about their differences!

Eau de Cologne

Cologne describes a perfume product with the lowest fragrance concentration among all types of perfume, at 2%-5 % of its entire composition. If you want a light and refreshing scent to use in warm to hot weather, go for a Cologne.

Eau de Toilette

Also shortened as EDT, Eau de Toilette has a higher fragrance concentration than Cologne, ranging from 5% to 15% of its composition. This means that Eau de Toilette has a stronger and longer-lasting aroma, suitable for use at the office or daytime events.

Eau de Parfum

Leveling up with  EDP or Eau de Parfum, this fragrance has a more intense aroma thanks to a perfume concentration that makes up 15%-20% of its composition. This particular product is suitable for almost any occasion, especially cool evenings and cold weather.

Extrait de Parfum (Perfume)

This perfume is crafted with the highest fragrance concentration of around 20%-30% of its composition. However, its purity makes it especially expensive and difficult to find in the market.

Of all the perfume variations above, which one is most appealing to your needs? We hope that after reading this, you can better determine the type of perfume to suit your every occasion! Explore Parfumology to find hundreds of original EDT and EDP perfumes from various leading brands around the world to add to your collection.

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