3 Highly-Favored Men’s Perfumes Among SCBD Executives

20 September 2023


An average day in the life of a professional executive is nothing short of uneventful: you have several meetings to attend, business pitches to draft, and clients to meet.

Yet, professionalism extends beyond the tasks you do at work. Making a lasting first impression is also very important in the world of business, but how do you keep yourself fresh and energetic throughout a busy day?

Have you ever wondered how male executives at SCBD — Indonesia’s central corporate and financial hub — keep themselves fresh and presentable all day? We’ve curated a list of their favorite scents; add them to your grooming routine to keep you on top of things at work!

1. Armani Acqua Di Gio Parfum

What’s better to make a lasting first impression than a bright, energetic scent that exudes confidence? The Armani Acqua Di Gio Parfum bursts open with invigorating bergamot and aquatic notes, creating a dynamic and refreshing introduction. Awash your senses with a fusion of aromatic geranium and rosemary, further enriched by the warmth of patchouli, building a sophisticated base that adds elegance.

2. Calvin Klein CK One 200ml EDT

In the modern workplace, versatility is a highly revered trait. Launched in 1994, CK One by Calvin Klein is one of the most iconic unisex fragrances that blurs the lines of rigid conventional norms in pursuit of fluidity. This light, relaxed scent infuses bright notes of lemon and mandarin orange with base notes of sandalwood and cedar — an intimate fragrance that is truly a contemporary favorite.

3. Hugo Boss Bottled For Men 100ml Parfum

Ace your business pitches with the timeless and sophisticated allure of Hugo Boss Bottled For Men! Immerse yourselves in this scent with refreshing notes of olibanum and mandarin orange, infused with musky hints of cedar and fig tree. The scent is masculine yet warm, perfect for formal occasions or evening wear. Rich, elegant, and long-lasting, it is a popular choice among men who appreciate refined fragrances.

A good fragrance will boost your confidence and exude an aura of sophistication. It’s time to work your way to success at your workplace — browse a range of men’s fragrances on our website today to help you progress further in your career!

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