3 Easy Ways to Remove Unwanted Scents

23 June 2023


When it comes to wearing perfume, you want to have a long-lasting scent that leaves a positive impression. But what happens if you accidentally spray too much, or mistakenly spritz on a perfume with an aroma that isn’t to your liking? Forget turning other people off – your whole day can be thrown off just by applying the wrong perfume!

Certain perfumes, such as Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, can linger on skin and fabric for a long time due to their high fragrance concentrations. If you mistakenly use or come across a scent that makes your nose wrinkle, you will want to remove it immediately.

However, rinsing the perfumed area with soap and water won’t get rid of the smell because fragrances are typically formulated with alcohol-soluble ingredients. Using rubbing alcohol is a popular method for scent removal, but it can be drying and harsh on the skin. People with sensitive skin may experience discomfort and irritation from using alcohol.

To get rid of undesirable perfume smells in a gentle and effective way, consider trying the following methods:

1. Makeup Remover

Waterproof makeup remover works wonders in eliminating perfume fragrances. Soak cotton swabs with the makeup remover, apply them to the affected area, and let them sit for at least three minutes. If you can still smell a remaining scent, repeat the process and rinse with water until it’s gone.

2. Coffee Grounds

Rubbing unbrewed coffee grounds on the affected area, such as your wrists, not only helps to neutralize the perfume scent but also doubles as an exfoliating hand treatment. When done, wash it off with soap and water to get smooth and fragrance-free skin.

3. Baking Soda

If your clothes are tainted with an unpleasant scent, try airing them out or placing them in a box with a tray of baking soda. Then wash them with detergent as usual to eliminate the scent. 

Baking soda can also be used to remove undesirable aromas from your skin. Simply make a paste using an equal amount of baking soda and warm water, rub it onto the skin for a few minutes, and rinse off.

By applying these gentle yet effective methods, you can get rid of unwanted perfume scents quickly without jeopardizing your skin. To avoid coming into contact with the wrong perfume in the future, you should read our tips on how to choose the right perfume for yourself.

When you’ve found the methods that suits you best, don’t forget to share them with your fellow perfume enthusiasts and enjoy a fuss-free experience of fragrance explorations!

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